#INTManila: Inspiring Pinoy Entreps to GO Digital

Around 150 participants gathered yesterday to partake in the first ever Intrigue Summit Manila 2019, organized by Salesgasm.

The event appreciates the value of digital transformation and underscores digital as a necessity of every marketing plans we are creating and implementing. The evolving market (dynamic and ever changing) and the current consumer behavior were also highlighted, describing consumers as a digital market living in the digital era that needs full digital treatment, now more than ever – to be able to reach them, engage them and convert them as the brand’s captured segment. (for digital marketing needs, feel free to send me an email! :))

This has been another venue for business heads, corporate representatives and marketers to improve their craft, learn the new trends and innovate current business strategies- all focusing on digital transformation.

Organized in different key cities and locations (New York, Singapore, Melbourne, to name a few) around the globe, Intrigue Summit #INTSummit aims to connect the world’s finest digital and traditional marketing professionals so that they can educate, network and inspire others within their respective industries.

These were the topics highlighted in the conference, facilitated and discussed by known media and digital personalities from different key brands (World Vision, Cellprime, Kasatria, ABS-CBN, Philippine Star and many others) here in the Philippines :

  • The latest in Digital marketing
  • The latest in Social media
  • Advertising
  • Sales technology
  • The business-boosting behaviors
  • Branding and Design
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Mobile and Video Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analysis and ROI

The excellent thing about the event was that the organizers widely opened the entire conference for audience interaction, may it be queries, reactions, clarifications or some additions to what has been delivered. With this I guess, the event was made more fruitful and insightful bringing home ideas/learnings based on studies and market researches and also from real and actual experiences of professionals from different industries, which will surely help in bridging the current gaps between businesses and consumers.

Personally, I like the presentation about Sincerity Marketing from the second keynote speaker, Mr. Ray Caguin of Cellprime Distribution Corp. Many of us knows about this strategy already but still a lot of brands fail to apply this in many of their costumer/consumer transactions. A simple acceptance of our mistake as part of our customer service is already essential when doing customer transaction. According to Mr. Caguin, this could create positive perception to our consumer once sincerely implemented- and the long list of example goes on especially when doing brand marketing and advertising. see some examples here

On the other hand, there were, I think some unprepared resource speakers on some of their debate sessions. These sessions could have been more interesting and insightful if these speakers were prepared enough, should I say, an expert on the topic assigned to them. But this is I guess forgivable, knowing that this is the first time they conducted this event in the country, a better set I guess will make the entire event even more successful.

Congratulations to the organizers and we wish you good luck on your next events. Thank you so much for inviting us to attend this year’s Intrigue Summit #INTManila, looking forward to attending next year’s summit.

Let’s go digital!

Philippine Election 2019: Are We Ready to Get ‘Inked’?

In less than 24 hours we are, again, going to cast our votes. We are, once again, going to choose people who will partake in running this country for the next coming years. But are we really prepared to fill-out our ballots?

Senatoriables- Philippines Election 2019
Image Source: https://news.abs-cbn.com

Over the past days, we’ve been hearing and reading different election related news– vote buying, disqualification issues, election suspension in areas like Lanao del Sur, election survey and many others. These news have been staple to our ears every election period and we are left no choice but to accept the fact that this country is still far from that ‘change’ it deserves, most especially when it comes to politics.

Things will never turn upside down if we will not do our part in achieving the ‘change’ that we are dreaming of for our beloved Philippines. We need to be responsible Filipinos and start thinking of the accountability that we all have as citizens of this country.

We might not be able to participate in creating new country bills and laws, attend hearing for budget planning, suggest new and needed projects for specific locations, but we can choose the people who will do all these on our behalf.

Candidates who are deserving and worthy of our votes. Candidates who will think of the country first before anything else and have genuine political will for all the Juans.

Let’s not be swayed by all the surveys that are coming out. These could help or guide us in the process of choosing but do not let these lists affect our freedom in picking the rightful leaders. Knowing our candidates better through researches (you have your Google now) is better than just listening to political ads and our president’s support speech. As one TV station always reiterates, ‘iba ang may alam!’

Practice your right to vote, work hard for a clean election and always remember to vote wisely.

There are also obvious reasons why we should not choose a candidate. Seeing them dance ‘Budots’ in a campaign ad doesn’t change the fact that they have been acquitted with grave political misconduct and been jailed for a number of years. Yes they’ve been acquitted but we have to remember that the government still ordered them to return a huge amount, which signifies their participation in the much discussed and well debated scam.

Furthermore, this country needs leaders who have political experience. We cannot afford to have another senator who doesn’t know anything, but to fire a gun and take selfies in private presidential forums. We’ve been victims of this for many instances already and I think its time for us to step up our political choices and give it to those deserving candidates who know how to steer the boat and can direct us to where we need to go. Those who have political directions (plans) and not those who will use their government seats to study the entire process (during the initial years), making the Juans wait until they are able to master it (due to their incompetencies), such a waste of time.

We need someone who can help make this country move forward as soon as possible – making sure that everyone will be assisted and all problems and shortcomings will be given attention.

My blog might be a little late, but for those who will be able to read this, i hope you will make up your mind and choose those deserving candidates this election. Practice your right to vote, work hard for a clean election and always remember to vote wisely. Your vote is very important so please do not waste it.

And to those politicians who are running this 2019 election, please have that genuine care for the Filipino people and this country. Be extra accountable and responsible since you chose to be in that position. We are expecting so much from everyone who will win this election and we hope that you will deliver the things you promised on your campaign spiels and platforms. You owe a lot to your voters so it’s time for you to give back what entire Philippines deserves.

My personal list for thi Senatorial Election. Mga senador ng bayan!

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Alphaland Opens Balesin’s Doors, Gathers Trusted Event Suppliers at Tie the Knot Wedding and Debut Fair

Now on its third year and open to soon-to-weds as well as debutantes, Alphaland’s Tie the Knot: Wedding and Debut Fair 2019 will take place on Saturday and Sunday, May 18 and 19 at The City Club, Alphaland Makati Place. 

The 2-day event will highlight Alphaland’s most sought-after wedding destinations—Balesin Island, including the soon-to-open Balesin Marquee which can accommodate 600  persons, Alphaland Baguio Mountain Lodges, and The City Club in Makati.  

Wedding and debut planning can get overwhelming, especially for those who aren’t used to throwing  celebrations involving a range of event suppliers—from the venue to styling, planners and coordinators, to photography and videography. 

With this in mind, Alphaland is offering an all-in package where soon-to-weds and debutantes can get the essentials for their special day, exclusively offered at the fair.  

 “This year, we have partnered with one of Balesin’s most in-demand stylists, Cesar Pascual, owner and stylist of Contemporary Florals. His Napa Valley concept will give The City Club that country yet romantic   feel,” says The City Club General Manager Nic Belasco. Cesar Pascual has styled several intimate to grand   weddings in the various beach wedding venues in Balesin Island. 

Unlike other fairs where attendees tend to feel bombarded by exhibitors, Tie the Knot has curated trusted suppliers in the industry who are offering great deals at the fair. 

Attendees can meet and discuss  their event in detail with each supplier they’re interested in, such as the acclaimed couturier Mary Anne   Casanova, the first local designer who brought glow-in-the-dark gowns with fiber optic fabric to the Philippines, along with the country’s other top-of-the-line fashion designers; celebrity favorite Nice Print  Photography; Chestknot Studios, Forevermine Wedding Films, and Black Tie Entertainment, trusted  suppliers for many events held in Balesin; and Aegle Wellness Center, a health and wellness hub offering  bespoke wellness programs and medi-spa services in The City Club and in Balesin. The icing on the cake:  attendees will also get a chance to win a 3-day/2-night stay in Balesin with a free engagement shoot by one of Balesin’s trusted photographers, Anne Naig. 

Virtually experience Balesin Island through our 360 photography at Brideworthy: https://www.brideworthy.com/venues/balesin-island/?vtour=1 

Pre-register at http://bit.ly/AlphalandTietheKnot to attend Tie the Knot: Alphaland Wedding and Debut Fair 2019 for free. Walk-in registration fee is Php 150. For inquiries, please contact Diane Tomas at +632-337-2031 loc. 255, +63-917-182-0714 or at dstomas@alphaland.com.ph

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