Pursue passions with greater flexibility with Intel Core l7-Powered HP Pavilion x360

Press Release– Nowadays, pursuing one’s passion takes more than just commitment and hard work. In a world that is connected and made smaller by the internet, it also pays to have equally hardworking and reliable devices and equipment that can help you continuously improve your craft, learn and develop new skills, and reach out to other people who share your interests.

Recently. HP Philippines introduced the Pavilion x360, its latest flagship laptop that boasts of power and unmatched flexibility to help young individuals further pursue their passions and aspirations, in more ways than one. 

Intel Core l7-Powered HP Pavilion x360

At a YOUnique Gathering at the Yardstick Coffee in Makati City. HP Philippines welcomed some of the country’s leading bloggers and gave them a first-time, first-hand experience of how the HP Pavilion x360-featuring the latest technology and an ultrathin and light design-is made flexible so passion-driven individuals like them can truly have the means to pursue their interests and freedom to express their individuality, through different points of view. 

HP Pavilion x360 combines power and flexibility not only to meet the discriminating needs of goal-oriented individuals, but also to make it more convenient for them to achieve their passions, no matter where they are, through whatever way they want,” said Dos Roque, HP Philippines Marketing Manager for Personal Systems. “With the HP Pavilion x360 laptop, passionate people now have more power and flexibility in their hands to accomplish goals that they have set for themselves.” 

Expressing one’s passion in the internet 

The event showcased an intimate audience discussion on expressing one’s passion in the digital age. YouTube influencers Kali Vidanes. Nate Punzalan and Nadine Felice led the conversation as they shared insights on new ways of establishing one’s uniqueness on social media through their passions. 

HP also invited the bloggers to express their passion and uniqueness, and test the reliability and flexibility of the HP Pavilion x360 by asking them to create on-the-spot YouTube videos, artistic sketches and drawings, and Instagram-worthy photos using the latest HP laptops in the YOUnique video, design and photo booths. 

Among those who made the rounds of the YOUnique booths were Kali. Nate and Nadine, who guested in each other’s vlogs covering the event, entirely created and uploaded using the HP Pavilion x360. 

As a highlight of the launch event. a “Passion Show’ was held where all the unique content created by the bloggers was showcased, to celebrate their individuality and the flexibility of the HP Pavilion x360. 

Achieving one’s passion with flexibility 

For people who are always on the go, the HP Pavilion x360 is a convertible personal computer that can serve as a laptop and a tablet. A durable 360-degree geared hinge lets you easily use the HP Pavilion in four modes-work in laptop mode, watch in stand mode, play in tent mode, and write or draw in tablet mode. 

The HP Pavilion x360 PC has a micro-edge bezel design which makes the 14-inch screen seem bigger, for a more immersive viewing experience, especially when you need to watch DIY videos and other self-help content to continuously improve your craft. The Full HD IPS touchscreen also helps you navigate sites with ease. 

Running on up to 8th generation lntel Core i7 quad-core processor, INVIDIA° MX130 GDORS discrete graphics options and a 51 268 550 and 1TB HHD dual storage, the HP Pavilion x360 can handle numerous photo and video editing and curating tasks that come with keeping an online presence and engaging people about your passion and aspirations. 0n select models, there is the 1668 of lntel Optane memory for storage acceleration. 

The HP Pavilion x360 is available in Pale Gold. Sapphire Blue. Natural Silver, and Mineral Silver colors for only P62,990 at all authorized HP reseller outlets nationwide.

How a Marvelous Smartphone Brand Supported Marvel’s Avengers Final Chapter – Thumbs up!

The Avengers Endgame-hype is finally here in Manila. We are actually one of the twelve countries who got the chance to see the film first. Lucky us!

All of us waited for a year to uncover the next chapter after the supervillain Thanos’ epic snap made half of Earth’s population vanished.

We are now witnessing how Marvel finally closes a decade-long story of our favorite superheroes. Pinoy fans can’t help but to be attached with these kiss-ass characters and be emotional with all the climaxes each film offered. Everyone is surely blown away after all the unexpected and jaw dropping movie scenes- brilliant work of art!

It was last Friday when I finally got the chance to watch the final chapter of Marvel Avengers Endgame in a block  screening sponsored by OPPO. I was really thrilled before entering the cinema. Finally!

Feature Perfect. Event guest trying out new F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers limited edition smartphone

But what’s more thrilling was the event held before the screening. As a Marvel Avenger die hard fan who collects different film merch- from comic books up to shirts and apparels, what this brand launched was really something I would soon purchase. (Very soon!)

OPPO officially launched the new F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers limited edition smartphone at their very first pop-up store located in Bonifacio High Street, BGC. 

OPPO launched the new F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers limited edition smartphone at the Bonifacio High Street, April 26.
Die hard Fan Collector’s Item. OPPO launches the new F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers limited edition smartphone at the Bonifacio High Street, April 26.

This is a precious gift to us Avengers fans, probably one of the best additions to our collections. Not only this is a sure collectible but also it will give us the function we really need, especially to me who loves taking pictures, whenever, wherever. 

It actually sports a 48MP low-light rear camera that can take photos with clarity even during the night. Its VOOC flash charge is one heck of a feature, you can get 100% charged phone in just 80 minutes. The upgraded storage of 6GB RAM + 128 GB ROM is another notable feature and so so much more. All these made me want to get the smartphone really soon! 

OPPO’s First Vinyl-themed Pop-up store

Alongside with this launch was also the grand opening of their first ever pop-up store, which everyone should visit, especially those music enthusiasts. 

Their vynil-themed store interests me the most. I actually tried playing some available records while checking out the new limited edition F11Pro, it was fantastic. I will definitely go back to check out more records, I hope they will add more classic pieces.

Moreover, there were Marvel-inspired activities around the pop-up store that were enjoyed by the guests that day and seeing  costplayers  in Thor, Captain America, Gamora and Ironman costumes was really a delight to me.

But the most exciting part of the event was when they chose and announced the winner (which I was hoping to be me, by the way, lol) of OPPO F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers Limited Edition smartphone, movie ticket and special Avengers march gift box. Astig! Congratulations sa nanalo! 🙂

The limited edition smartphone is priced at PHP19,990 and we can actually do pre-orders starting April 26 in selected OPPO concept stores in Manila and in Lazada. Here’s their website for more information: www.oppo.com/ph.

I’ll be clearing one of my cards and get this amazing OPPO F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers Limited Edition smartphone, soon! Whatever it takes! LOL

Have you watched the movie already? What do you think of the plot twists and ending? Hmmmmm.

Images courtesy of Greenbulb Communications

The Power of Social Experiments: Coca-cola Strikes Again

Making a brand remarkable is not an easy task to do.

It needs passion and hardwork to make every marketing strategy effective. But more than these, the brand needs creativity, a whole lot of it actually. This will greatly help in creating the connection, to strongly appeal to everyone’s emotion, to stimulate the senses, to fascinate- these build the name, the brand.

Social experiments has been one of the most effective forms of brand marketing nowadays. The internet has been a vehicle to many social experiments; underlying advocacies and principles every brand would want to disseminate, and brands like Coca-cola truly excels on this.

On the latest social experiment they released, still in line with their theme ‘sharing happiness’, we can see how the creative juices of the team poured-out, making again, another heart-warming material that will surely and seriously hit your senses (well at some point).

Watch the clip titled ‘The Happiest Thank You’ below.

After seeing this new clip from Coca-cola, I tried to find some of my favorites and do a round-up. Here’s my list of the top Coca-cola social experiment clips that will surely appeal to your emotions. Be ready to wipe some tears folks. Enjoy.

This clip titled ‘Coca-cola where will happiness strike next: The OFW project’ is about our OFWs around the world. It talks about the difficult feeling of not being home and being far away from their families. Coca-cola created a campaign/project to bring back these OFWs home (here in the Philippines) and fulfill their dreams/wish on Christmas day.

This clip titled ‘Coca-cola share some happiness: The soup kitchen’ will show how the beverage company with their volunteers helped the victims of typhoon Yolanda.

The ‘Coca-cola happiness truck’ is another project that shows how a customized truck, with a huge push button on it, brought happiness to every Pinoy. It did not only dispenses Coca-cola drinks but also surprise giveaways that everyone enjoyed. (Getting a lechon? Why not!?)

Aside from the clips created here in the Philippines, I watched other videos from different countries bearing the same intent and elements. You would love to see these touching videos promoting peace, love and hope.

Now I am challenged to think of similar ideas and create materials like these. Such an inspiration. Thanks everyone for dropping by! Have a good day!